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The Brussels Airlines b.pass voucher

The perfect travel pass

6 return trips in b.light economy on your selected route, all taxes included. Choose between a 3-month or a 6-month validity (as from the date of purchase).

You choose

  • Choose when you would like to travel (Saturday night stay required) within your selected duration.
  • Choose to upgrade your ticket to b.flex economy+ for added service and comfort by paying the difference

Book & fly!

There are only 1,000 b.pass vouchers available.

Personal travel advisor

You only redeem each of your return trips when you wish to fly, via a dedicated service centre. (Seats are subject to availability in b.light economy.)

Miles & More

Earn 12 x 750 miles when travelling with the b.pass voucher.

Travel companion discount

What's more, if you decide to travel with someone, your companion receives a 25% discount on his/her flight ticket.
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There will only be one voucher with one personal code for all 6 return flights.